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Sunday, 04 March 2007

Pre-finished Plugs Hanging in shopBlack Label Plugs is a small Ocean County New Jersey Lure Manufacturer catering to surf fisherman who are looking to catch that once in a lifetime fish. Black Label Plugs specializes in handcrafted wooden swimming plugs predominately for large saltwater game fish. Being based out of New Jersey most Black Label Plugs are used to target larger Bluefish and Striped Bass. All Black Label Plugs are individually handcrafted by Blacklabel Founder and creator Bob Brennan in his Forked River workshop. Each and every Black label swimmer is constructed of the finest cedar wood available and equipped with top of the line hardware. The entire line of Black Label plugs is tested to insure that every plug runs true. Bob’s obsession of creating quality wooden fishing plugs results in only the most premium product worthy of the Black Label brand.

Concept CarvingsPlease note that great detail goes into the construction of every Black Label Product. For instance all Black Label Plugs use heavy duty through wiring for connection of hardware components creating extra strong hook settings allowing you to really set the hook into those large fish. All Black Label Plugs are also thoroughly sealed so that you never have to worry about your plug becoming water logged and no longer swimming right. Black Label Plugs having been selling on Ebay for the pass couple years with some excellent feedback

Please stay tuned as Back Label Plugs is continually working on the development of new products and fishing tackle. Once these products have been tested and have been proven to catch fish they will be available for purchase.

Last Updated ( Friday, 09 March 2007 )